Keri Packham on the Liquorland WFO in Bergville

– the big climbs.. Awesome
– the girl power.. Was awesome to be part of the team
– finishing was HEAVEN..
– The terrain is beautiful

Low points
– experiencing the real lows in the sport.. I was properly stuck on one decline (managed to get my bike wedged and couldn’t move it) and 3 youngsters came down and the one came up behind me… Swore at me, got off his bike and proceeded to lift and chuck my bike over the side of the path and proceeded to leave me there… 😡😡
– Markings, I found he markings quite bad and I got badly lost twice (the second time was for about 20mins)

– peg weighting on off-camber can literally save your life, I have a few near death experiences 😂😂, the off camber was along the lower side of the mountain (single path- lots of pressure) and the drop was into a deep river so if you fell the wrong way ur bike was GONE – swallowed by the river gods!!
– biggest lesson: I don’t give myself enough credit, I did everything without assistance and spent most of the route alone… I paced myself and didn’t take shame in walking a section if I felt necessary…
– I learnt how to do HUGE step-ups on a serious incline, off camber and next to a river 😂😂
– I learnt that sometime being pushed outside of your comfort zone is the only way to acknowledge your true capabilities and the capability of these awesome machines!!

– route was awesome,keri2 can’t complain
– 40km is longer than one thinks and feels even longer when it’s terrain that you not used to
– there were two sections I felt were pretty dangerous (and I got lost at this section) – long long grass with HUGE sink holes that you couldn’t see.. So maybe better marking and big warning signs in those areas

Overall a great experience – one I will never forget and will DEFINITELY re-visit, now that I know how to prep for it!! 😬😬



  1. Russmann

    June 15, 2016 at 2:00 pm

    Awesome write up Kerry, well done and a great result on your first WFO

  2. FDB

    June 20, 2016 at 9:28 am

    Well done girl!!!

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