Offroad Enduro Ladies & ShredBetty’s Enduro Fun Day

On the 20 August, Offroad Enduro Ladies and ShredBetty’s hosted an Enduro Fun Day in Heidelberg!!!
And WOW, what an awesome turn out of ladies, who were keen to jump on some rocks!
With goody bags for each lady and “riders briefing” out of the way, groups were split up into 3. Beginners, intermediate and advanced.
31 ladies, with the help of some awesome guys and gals pitching in to help lead and at times “get lost”😉, made the big trek to eventually all meet at the top of “one mile” from their respective routes.
The advanced girls, led by Elize Olivier and Dean van der Merwe were very apprehensive as they left. Not 100% sure what to expect. It turned out to be a perfect route. None of the girls struggled with the route laid out and all had a near perfect ride. They encountered some very knarly sections and dealt with the terrain extremely well. Elize had nothing but praise for all the ladies and how they mastered what she threw at them!
The intermediate group led by Russell Ferreira and Ryan Meyer did their best to find new routes and get a little lost, as is the norm when exploring. Many of the girls found the route challenging but doable. Some, who were new to this Enduro type riding but skilled more in MX, such as the Hughes twins, came to grips while slowly learning how to take an MX setup bike on an Enduro route. Never easy. Others were able to overcome rocks and river beds with ease and certainly keen to look ahead to join the more advanced girls on the next one!
From my side, with the beginner route, FDB as many know him, lead us ladies. A little unsteady, nervous at first, a few rocky climbs not met with the right momentum and it was a, one on one meeting with the ground, almost slow motion style! But, after a few more tries along the way, all the ladies did exceptionally well to take their skills and comfort zones to a different level! It can only get better from here!!!
Each group experienced so many highs and lows, tears and frustrations of never wanting to see another rock ever again, to finishing and realizing what they’d all accomplished, even with a few bumps and bruises, it was awesome! Really well done!
Once the killing of some rocks was done and dusted, we had great prizes to hand out, from heavy duty tubes from Batt Holdings, to a stunning Xramp and boot and helmet holders, to a R1500.00 voucher to spend at Russell Campbell Dirtbikes!!
Thanks again to our loyal sponsors as always: ShredBettys, Diamond Trailers, E-Dirt, Red Square Reload, Revlon, Batt Tyres, Xramp, McLarens Attorneys, Motorsport South Africa, and Women in Motorsport.
To the husbands and boyfriends and sons, I wish I could mention you all to thank for all the help, guidance and kick up the butts words of encouragement!

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