The 8th Annual de Wildt Funduro


The 8th Annual de Wildt Funduro


  • To be leader in the provision of community upliftment by enhancing quality of life, community and education


  • To be a community capacitor.

Mission statement

  • To build long term relationships with our community and clients and provide exceptional service by pursuing business through servant hood.

Core values

  • We believe in treating our customers and community with respect and in good faith
  • We grow through serving others
  • We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business model and community service.


  • To generate
  • To serve
  • To reach out
  • To be


The Funduro originated seven  years ago out of very humble beginnings as part of a fund raising project initiated by concerned parents. The objective of the project was then and is still is ; to generate funds for additional projects to ensure the smooth operations of the school. Originally the project was purely focused on the welfare of the school; the project however grew to also include the welfare and development of the surrounding De Wildt Communities.


Community Engagement:

  • The primary objective of the Funduro is to positively impact the surrounding community.
  • It gives the parents of the school an opportunity to strive for common goals and get involved in the upliftment of the community.
  • The teachers, students and school governing body, all get the opportunity to make a contribution in one way or another.
  • This once off opportunity will allow participants to view our beautiful farming community.
  • Having a track through the beautiful De Wildt farmland aids in community safety.
  • By inviting visitors to our community we do not only market our community, but also support local business.
  • The funds raised will again be allocated and utilized for various projects to improve our local schools and community centre.







Our community is situated at the foothills of the well-known Magaliesberg mountain range, where it forms the infamous Magalies mountain valley, of which de Wildt forms the heart of the area. Just say “de Wildt” to any Petrol Head and you have their attention! It makes perfect sense to host an off road event for bikes and quads in these beautiful surroundings.

February  2011 saw the birth of the Vissershoek Funduro. It started with two dads having a colddrink, after the ward athletics hosted at our school. They bounced the idea of some other dad’s and soon a team was formed that would host the Vissershoek Funduro for the school .

The first year we were blessed with rain, rain, and more rain. Yet this did not deter Petrol Heads to show up and show their support. The 45 kilometre track was wet and very muddy! The race was started the morning, with over 40 entries! Due to the challenging weather conditions, eventually only 25 riders completed the route, but the spirit amongst the riders was great and the guys and girls left with great memories and made a commitment to be back the next year.

The hosting of the 1stDe Wildt Funduro enabled the organising committee to give much needed attention to the boys and girls bathrooms at the local school.

When the group of dads, and now also some mums, came together in early 2012, it was decided to host the Funduro for the second time. But the team decided to set some solid goals; fix the 1974 Ford school bus and  grow the event and host it in such a manner that it can become an annual event on the off-road calendar!

On 14 April 2012, the early morning cockerel was replaced by the roar of two and four stroke engines, the de Wildt valley was filled with excitement. Everyone from the community was anxious, as more than eighty riders lined up to concur the De Wildt Funduro.

For the first time sponsors from bike related business and others that just wanted to support a good cause and came on board early on in the planning phase of the event.

At the end of the day, riders (one or two on crutches…),marshals, and schools’ representatives got together under the welcome shade of Marula trees to share stories of the battles of the day. Much fun was had, and without any exception, they all promised to be back for the next de Wildt Funduro!


The 3rd Vissershoek Funduro (2013) was a huge success. Two hundred and twelve (212) riders were hosted at the event. The organisers were astounded with the growth in entries. Every single rider had fun. Some came back all smiles, others complemented the scenery along the route and others said that is was the best ride they had in years! Again everyone said that they will be back for more. Our support from sponsors and business alike grew further, from both within the dirt family and other services.

We were very happy to have the school bus fixed to its former glory, thanks to the guys and girls with petrol in their veins .This was the biggest fund raiser in the school’s history.

2014’s Success enabled to acquire a new school bus and can be summarised in the words of Simon Fourie, from Bike SA:“The Vissershoek (De Wildt) Funduro had become an iconic event on the annual off road calendar of happiness, a must for everyone some time in their lives …A good lot all of them. A breath of fresh De Wildt air, that will be sucked up and enjoyed by a happy lot of competitors and spectators , hopefully ,for many years to come “.

In 2015 we re-wrote the history books. Online entry numbers exceeded expectations , reaching the largest number of riders in an off-road event in Africa, namely three hundred and sixty eight (368).

2016 we went into space ! For the first time the DE WILDT FUNDURO was broadcasted on Supersport . Riders numbers hit an all-time high at 376. Proving that the DE WILDT FUNDURO is still the largest dirt bike event if Africa ! We also introduced the legends league . This is our way of saying thank to entities that contribute to the dirt biking industry .

2017 saw the DE WILDT FUNDURO broadcasted on Supersport for the second time . In 2017 no less than 412 riders participated in the event . We also introduced our own Youtube channel . Thru the help of some crazy sponsors we also introduced our own Enduro cross section . This enabled greater exposure for sponsors and tested the riders technical skills to the maximum .

We are proud and thankful for the support of well-known entities who contributed which included; Grundfos , Bras parts , Raceworx  KTM ,  Liqui Moly , Afrtit , Metzeler , LCP roofing , Nomadic , Q4 Fual , Maximum security services , Wildog , McLaren attourneys , Envirocycle , Meatgood  and Tyremart Menlyn .





What did the riders say ?

One of the participants on national moto101 forum said:“This is the one event I would recommend for everyone, regardless of skill level. Can’t wait to go out and play again. Might even chuck a Peri-Peri lap or two in … maybe …I think …I’ll see “Sean K.

“ Well done , we look forward to next year “ Mr. C. Oosthuizen

“ Thank you for an awesome event” Byron Taylor

“ All and all a great ride , see you next year “ Ettienne

What was the best part of the day ? “All of it , You should do more than one event a year ! “ J van der Westhuizen


“This was my first de Wildt Funduro and I enjoyed every minute of it . The Peri Peri route was a great ride with nothing unrideable “ JG

“ Om eerlik te wees , een van die beste ge-organiseerde “races” van die jaar “ J. Olivier

“ It is an awesome event and we all had great fun .Lots of laughsand friendly people all around” P.Brits

What was the best part of the day ? “ The loops , the ladies in tight outfits giving some 32GI power and the after party “ T du Plessis

“ Als van die dag was great” A. Naude

“ Thank you for a wonderful event which was enjoyed by our group , riders and supporters alike” C.Booyzen

“ Thank for a great day and you will definitely see our riding group ( the Mudslingers ) next year as well “


From humble beginnings our community grew a fundraising effort to a national event on the national biking calendar.



DE WILDT FUNDURO 2018 or is it 20 Great 10 !

Going forward  we are now ready to host the 8th de wildt Funduro! The challenge for this year is to host 450 riders! The de wildt  Funduro will then be one of the largest off road events in the country!

For this celebration we have changed the track for the 2018  event, to make it even more technical and took it back to a distance of +-57 kilometres , on a combined loop .The track will have a gutsy mix of river beds, mountain streams, rocky hills and some unused quarries, with short sections of old farming roads and ploughed fields to get some carbon out of the system!

On the track there will be sections where riders will be separated. The latter being the mild “Lemon and Herb“route.

And then there is the monster !, the legend , the bone breaker and the widow maker . Call it what you like , we call it : The Peri-Peri route.         I’m not sure why some cry along the route, why others use foul language and some arrange a meet and greet with Mother Earth on this particular day. This route is for the guys and girls that have guts of steel and the willpower to be amongst the few that can say, “I conquered the Peri- Peri in de Wildt“. The survivors is rewarded with an annual finishers decal.

The Route will take you into the koppies and the foothills of the Magalies Mountains, on route you will be challenged with some river beds, forests , Jeep tracks , off camber rock face and gravel pits . You will often reach the redline in the wetlands and do some whipping in the old quarries . And then you are still left with Grundfos junction  , Raceworx flats , Afrit Boulders , Metzeler hill, Waterford crossing , Nomadik naboom canopies , Metzeler stumps and  , Meaty whoops …

Upon return to the DSP all riders are not treated equal … The Lemon and Herb riders get treated to some technical bits , Tyre pits , Camel backs , hoops , ramps and  a mud pit . The peri Peri guys help us create some awesome footage …on the various obstacles. Every Peri Peri riders riding skill will be tested , weather it be the LCP see-saw ,Maximum and Wildog caravan ramp , Waterford balance beam , Metzeler concrete mountain and  Q4 trenches .

All finishers will be rewarded with a medal and memories to last a life time. We would like all riders to come and enjoy the warm hospitality, lots of refreshments and live entertainment. Do battle the de Wildt Funduro and earn a seat in the shade of the Marula tree!

Are you man enough?

Useful stats :

Useful stats :

# Riders numbers ; 2011 – 43 , 2012 – 84 , 2013 – 212 , 2014 – 276 , 2015 – 368 , 2016 -376 , 2017 -412

# In 2018 we are aiming to host 450 riders !

# 2016 Face book stats : Page likes : 552, Highest  post reach 1027 , Talking about it 251

# 2017 Face book stats : Page like 706 , 696 people are talking about it , 686 are following it , less than 24 hour response time , and our Cover page update ; 1823 reached , updated profile photo …4297 hits ! Average post hits 431 .

# Current  Face book stats : Page like 868 ,  661 people are talking about it , 861 are following it , less than 24 hour response time , and our Cover page update ; 2058 reached , updated profile photo …5893  hits ! Average post hits 589 .







Other bits of info:

  • When : 19 May 2018
  • Where : DSP , Laerskool Vissershoek ,
  • : Road 54 , off the R 513
  • What time : 6h00 on the day entries , if there is still space
  • : Riders briefing 7h30
  •                : Riding starts 8h00
  • How do I enter : racecontrol .co.za
  • Online entries : R450.00
  • On the day , if there is still space , R 650.00
  • As we are using Race control for the time keeping as well, you can use your race control tag. If you do not have a race control tag, they will be available to rent for the day.
  • Who can I speak to ? : Anton du Plessis 082 574 0543
  •  : Principal :Mr. Freek Hennop 082 557 2026
  • Why should I bring my mates and support the Vissershoek Funduro?
  • It is in aid of a good cause,
  • With experience gained  in the past three  years, the 5th one is going to be the better ,(For the 6th Vissershoek Funduro ,the new and improved track and the new measures taken by the organiserspromises the best event yet)
  • Dirt relatedexhibitors,
  • Camping facilities on school grounds the Friday and Saturday night ,
  • Lodge facilities close to the school , for the ladies
  • Great food stalls ,
  • One of a kind Waterhole ,
  • Free gift with every entry ,
  • You are going to enjoy the day!

Are you up to the challenge?







THE EIGHTH DE WILDT FUNDURO                                                                        19  MAY 2018


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